About GeographyPhotos

Geography Photos offers Rights Managed Stock images available to both publishers for commercial use and to individuals for personal and education use.  The fees for personal/education use are exceptionally low because one of the site's main motivations is to promote the use of high quality images in education. Personal use covers any sort of non commercial use eg) dissertations, homework assignments, local history leaflets, church groups - anything which is non profit in purpose. Please enquire if unsure.

The fees for publishers depend on the use and can be found using the online calculator.

The site is owned by Ian Murray, a former geography teacher, author, and adviser who is now a freelance photographer and who owns the copyright of all the photos.

Recognition of the value of the collection to geography education was given through a Geographical Association award in 2005.  Geography Photos was a UK government approved supplier of digital content to schools in the Curriculum Online initiative between 2006-2008.